As the Central SOMA district evolves we are proud to share our vision of One Vassar.

Located between Second and Third Streets on the East and West and Harrison and Perry Streets on the North and South, our complex brings new neighborhood and community life to the area.  What has been a thoroughfare through the downtown San Francisco area will be revitalized into a dynamic live/work environment for families, singles and growing businesses. We are proud to share in this renaissance. We are committed to working with the City of San Francisco to realize its vision for the Central Soma district.

Community Benefits
Affordable Housing
commitment to provide 10% above new City requirement
Child Care
12,000 square feet of on-site Child Care
Provide Land
to create a new street connection by extending Perry Street
retain 33,000 square feet of PDR, encouraging makers of the future
380 additional units of housing
Open Space
70,000 square feet of open space, dedicated to Gardens, Plaza, and Arcade Space
Hotel Space
500 additional rooms for expansion matching future needs for Moscone Center and SOMA employment growth
construction jobs permanent office jobs permanent hospitality jobs
to $3.5M in public art installations
Neighborhood Retail
30,000 square foot Marketplace, and other neighborhood-serving uses
New Street Trees
improving air quality, strong component of neighborhoods, increased traffic/ pedestrian safety